Alexandra “Stitch” Albu

Record: 5-0-0
Class: Bantamweight
Specializes: Striking, Judo

Black Belt in Karate
Fighter Info
Nickname: Stitch
From: Moscow, Russia
Fighting Out Of: MMA - KEGI
Age: 23
Height: 5' 2" ( 160 cm )
Weight: 135 lb ( 61 kg )

Fight Record








Lyubov Demidova TKO (1st Round, punches) Octagon Fights (Moscow, Russia)



TKO (1st Round) Thailand



TKO (1st Round) Thailand



TKO (1st Round) Thailand



Submission (Armbar) Thailand

Fighter Biography

Alexandra Albu is a Russian Mixed Martial Arts practitioner. She is from Moscow, Russia and currently is training at the MMA -MMAKEGI KEGI club in Moscow. She is the development of Andrey Tsarkov, the main instructor and the owner of MMA – KEGI.

Alexandra started her martial arts career in a traditional Karate-Do. She quickly advanced through the ranks and received her black belt. She competed in multiple local and regional tournaments with high results. She worked herself up to the national championships and became a Russian National Champion in Karate-Do through IJKA (International Japan Karate-Do Association). Through these accomplishments, Alexandra entered European Championships and placed Bronze medal amongst the best European athletes.

Alexandra Albu is also a Judo practitioner. She competed in many regional Judo and grappling tournaments placing at the top of her brackets on multiple occasions.

Alexandra’s strength and condition comes from bodybuilding and power weight lifting. She achieved great results in competition bodybuilding and was a first prize trophy winner in the Moscow Open Championships. Her desire for body perfection and development led her to a career in modeling.

In combination with all of her athletic abilities and her competitive spirit, Alexandra tried herself in Mixed Martial Arts. As of today she compiled an undefeated record of 5-0 with all of the wins coming by early stoppages. Her first four victories were in the battle proven country of Thailand, but her last victory over the Pankration Champion Lyubov Demidova propeled her to a much higher level. Alexandra took the victory in the first round by TKO (Punches from the mount).

Due to Alexandra’s phenomenal athletic achievements it was a matter of time for her to be noticed by a major MMA management organization and she was signed by Red Fury Fight Team to further advance her professional career.

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Alexandra Albu

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